Apple rebuffs claims of location tracking on iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally spoken about the recent iPhone location tracking scandal which unearthed the fact that this class-leading smartphone range stores information about the position of users in a secret file without their knowledge.

It was said by the researchers who discovered the tracking activities that it would be possible for anyone to map out the movements of an iPhone user, provided they could get their hands on the phone and associated computer, where the secret file is synchronised.

Mr Jobs emailed a curious customer and said that the firm which he founded is not involved in tracking anyone and then went further to claim that Google is definitely involved in clandestine location data collection from the millions of Android handsets on the market.

This statement is thought to be related to a recent claim made by a researcher who said that Google not only records location information on a regular basis to the phone in question, but subsequently shoots this off to Google without the user’s permission, according to MacRumours.

All that Mr Jobs seems to be denying is that Apple does anything with the data which its iOS devices collect, but this still means that each phone, tablet and media player is harvesting below the radar.

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