Apple resorts to disabling repaired iPhones

iPhone 6s Force TouchPeople who get their iPhones repaired and refurbished by third party outlets could find that an error is getting in the way of their normal user experience, according to the Guardian.

This is because Apple has apparently integrated a capability with iOS 9 which effectively disables a handset if it detects that unofficial repair work has been carried out on the Home Button.

The so called ‘error 53’ issue only impacts iPhones which have TouchID capabilities, although there are reports of people with common issues, such as cracked screens, seeing similar problems after repair.

Apple released a statement in which it explained that the TouchID-related shutdown of repaired iPhones is occurring because it wants to prevent people tampering with the fingerprint scanner, to bypass handset security. It also confirmed that installing any unofficial components could also be a trigger for this fault.

The reason that many people choose to use a third party firm to repair their iPhone is that Apple’s own repair services may be too expensive or there may not be a nearby Apple Store. So it seems a shame that owners are being discouraged from taking the most affordable route available to them.