Apple rolls back plans to remove iPhone 7’s headphone socket

Apple iPhone SEEarlier this year, it was reported that Apple was looking into the concept of completely eliminating a physical input for headphones on the next-generation iPhone. And perhaps unsurprisingly this news was greeted with widespread consternation among customers who would have had to buy a brand new wireless set come September.

Thankfully, the latest leaks suggest that this unpopular decision has been overturned and that the iPhone 7 will indeed feature a 3.5mm socket, according to Pocket Lint.

Interestingly the first smartphone to arrive without a headphone socket has already been announced, with Chinese manufacturer, LeEco, debuting just such a device.

The iPhone 7’s alleged elimination of the headphone socket was thought to be a two-pronged strategy designed to both reduce the thickness of the device and also convince people to either purchase wireless headphones or a new wired set, which would plug into the Lightning port on the bottom of the handset.

Apple is not against taking design decisions which rub customers up the wrong way, but hopefully this will prove a step too far for a company which has seen iPhone sales fall for the first time this year.

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