Apple sells more EA games than anyone else

EA Games

The impact of mobile gaming has been increasing over the last few years, but the significance of this marketplace was made even more apparent this week, when publisher, Electronic Arts, revealed that Apple is its most significant retail partner.

Using the App Store to sell titles to iPhone, iPad and iPod owners, EA has managed to make serious amounts of cash and also embrace the mobile gaming market, just as its rise to prominence kicks off in earnest.

The biggest cash cow for the publisher has been The Simpsons: Tapped Out, although EA’s takeover of casual gaming king, PopCap, has also given it access to some impressive original IPs, including Plants vs Zombies.

Smartphone sales are so high because games are sold cheaply and people are choosing to engage with iPhones and other devices on a daily basis, to play when they are commuting or just lounging around at home.

EA made  60 million from mobile gaming in the second quarter of 2013 and the majority of this is believed to have been generated from iOS rather than Android.

Apple’s smartphones now make the company more money than Origin, its PC-based digital download service.

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