Apple snaps up high end imaging firm

iPhone 6The internet is abuzz with rumours that the successor to the iPhone 6 could benefit from a class-leading camera, after Apple acquired a company which specialises in top tier imaging technology, according to the Wall Street Journal.

LinX is an Israeli firm, which reportedly joined the Apple family for roughly £13.5 million, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the billions of pounds that Apple has in the bank. But it could be an important acquisition for a company which has seen its iPhone range take a backseat when compared with the mobile market’s best cameraphones.

Of course, integrating new technology with the iPhone range will take time and it is unlikely that a dramatically improved camera will be featured on the devices planned for launch this year. But in 2016 when the iPhone 7 rolls around, Apple may well be in a position to fully utilise the hardware and software created by LinX.

Some commentators are suggesting that we could be close to seeing smartphones match true DSLR standalone cameras in terms of quality, although even the best camera in the world cannot do much to improve the snaps of users who lack the eye for photography.

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