Apple will retain 16GB iPhone model

iPhone 6 PlusAlthough some might argue that 16GB is starting to look less viable as a minimum amount of storage onboard a smartphone, it seems Apple is going to stick with this bracket for the most affordable of its new iPhone models when they are launched later this month, according to PocketNow.

This information was leaked to Twitter along with details of how much Apple will be charging for the next generation models in its flagship mobile family. And the good news is that it does not look like the price of iPhone ownership is set to increase beyond current iPhone 6 levels.

The fact that the base model iPhone 6S will come with 16GB of storage space shows that Apple is still keen to keep customers happy across a number of price brackets. Although it is worth pointing out that, unlike many of its rivals, Apple does not provide a way for users to expand this via microSD card.

Meanwhile, the very largest iPhone 6S in terms of storage will have 128GB of memory at its disposal, with the mid range model offering 64GB. This leaves only the 32GB bracket unoccupied, so hopefully, this will be filled in 2016 when the iPhone 7 arrives.