April launch for Facebook branded INQ Cloud Touch

INQ Cloud Touch
INQ Cloud Touch

Mobile manufacturer INQ will be launching its first smartphone to be officially sanctioned by social networking powerhouse Facebook on the 6th of April in the UK, according to retailers.

The INQ Cloud Touch is an Android 2.2 smartphone which goes above and beyond to offer full integration of Facebook features in a way not currently matched by any of its rivals.

The Cloud Touch will be priced at a fairly decent £300 if you buy it SIM free, or you will be able to pick it up on a contract for £20 a month over 24 months. If you buy it as a PAYG handset you will be looking to spend £200 and see it attached to a particular network provider.

In essence, the Facebook integration just means you do not need a separate application to get to updates from the site. Instead these will be available alongside all of the phone’s other native features, from messaging to web browsing.

The April 6th UK launch date for the INQ Cloud Touch means that it will not be long until Facebook fanatics can get their hands on this rather specialized mobile. With a selection of colours available the youth market is certainly being courted.

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