April launch for white iPhone 4 alleged

iPhone4 White
iPhone4 White on it's way?

Sources in the mobile industry are suggesting that the long awaited white version of the iPhone 4 will be arriving next month, with production of the handset starting at some point this month.

Apple had previously delayed the handset for many months and had finally settled on a launch window of this spring, but many were sceptical about whether or not it would finally be able to overcome the manufacturing problems which have plagued the handset.

The white iPhone 4 is identical to the original in terms of specs, but according to Apple Insiders, the UK friendly version will be making an appearance at some point in April.

The impending arrival of the white iPhone 4 was made even more likely thanks to the emergence of the iPad 2, which was shown as being available in white.

The glass backed iPhone 4 has been a real hit from an aesthetic point of view and experts are suggesting that Apple could retain this design for the updated iPhone 5, when it launches in the summer.

This is in spite of rumours which ruled that manufacturing and aerial issues were causing Apple to revert to the metal-backed layout of previous iPhone models.

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