Archos launches cut price phablet

ARCHOS-64-XenonIf you are in the market for a big screen phone and want to spend less than £200, then the new Archos 64 Xenon might be a good bet.

Like all good phablets, it has a monster screen, in this case measuring 6.4 inches across the diagonal and thus coming very close to matching full tablets for sheer area. It is bigger than rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and with a £199 price tag, is also significantly cheaper than high end rivals.

The screen is complemented by a 720p HD resolution and while 1080p might have been preferable, at this price point it is hard to complain. An eight megapixel camera with an LED flash sits on the rear and the size of the phone means that it is almost impossible to use with one hand, unless you are simply holding it to your ear to make a call.

A quad core processor with a 1.3GHz clock speed and 1GB of RAM is an adequate combo, running Android Jelly Bean well enough. And in all this is an impressive package, that could make people think twice before choosing more expensive, alternative phablet handsets.

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