Asus ZenPhone 2 specs unleashed

Asus Zen Phone 2The next flagship handset from Asus is on its way and now the specifications of the ZenPhone 2 have been officially outlined on the manufacturer’s site.

It will feature a 5.5 inch display with a 1080p resolution and the same IPS panel technology that has been popular amongst all manufacturers sticking to the standard LCD screens, rather than making the leap to AMOLED.

Under the skin, it is not based on a processor using ARM designs, but instead, houses a quad core Intel Atom chip with a 64bit architecture and 2.3GHz clockspeed.

Coupled with a full 4GB of RAM, the ZenPhone 2 should be one of the world’s most powerful devices.

It will run the latest Android operating system, version 5.0 Lollipop, while utilising a custom user interface developed by Asus in-house.

Although Asus has yet to confirm a release date for the ZenPhone 2, it is anticipated to drop before the summer. And by that point, its impressive specifications will be compared against upcoming flagship devices from the likes of Samsung and HTC.

Asus may not have the same market presence as its rivals, but the ZenPhone 2, with a metallic exterior, could be its best shot at the big time.

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