Battery issues caused by Snapchat patch

snapchat logoA new version of Snapchat, which was launched this week, caused many people problems with smartphone battery life after it was installed. Owners of both iOS and Android devices reported the energy-sapping issue, according to TechRadar.

Powerful models with comparatively large batteries, including the new LG G4, were afflicted by problems following the rollout of the update. And at the time of writing, no fix has been found by the company behind the popular picture messaging app.

The strangest part of the story is that the update to Snapchat itself is relatively minor, with just a few aesthetic changes to the app and some interface additions making an appearance. So there is no apparent reason why it should be eating into battery life for some users.

Screenshots posted online by frustrated Snapchat fans show that, in some cases, it was accounting for almost half of battery usage, taking up more energy than even the display of the device itself. This must be a bug in the software, although it is one which could cost the app some users, if it continues to be a problem for much longer than a few days this month.