Benefits of BlackBerry 10 onscreen keyboard revealed

Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10

More information surrounding the upcoming BB 10 operating system has emerged, this time focusing on the keyboard that will appear whenever you need to type something on the new L-Series BlackBerry smartphones.

This is an important feature because the BlackBerry range is traditionally associated with physical QWERTY keypads, that make the handsets particularly good for quick, accurate typing.

While the L-Series phone launching at the end of January along with BB 10 will not have a physical keypad, it is apparent that manufacturer, RIM, has worked hard to make its typing interface as finger-friendly as possible.

Spokesperson, Vivek Bhardwaj, posted a video blog last week, in which he explained that the keyboard is designed to give an edge to edge experience, maximising its use of the available screen space.

Meanwhile, RIM has not only improved autocorrect and predictive typing techniques, but also added in predictive spacing, which means that if you forget to hit space between every word, the phone will work out the error and correct it automatically.

Any BlackBerry fans who were worried about the lack of a physical keypad on the new devices, your fears should be allayed by this news.

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