Big screen Windows Phone 8 devices rumoured

Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy S4

The next generation of Windows Phone 8 handsets could come with screens varying in size from five to six inches, allowing them to compete with Android kingpins like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Sources quoted by ZDNet, also claim that these big screen Windows Phone 8 handsets will support full HD 1080p resolutions, which will supersede the 720p maximum currently found on the likes of the Nokia Lumia 920.

Along with the pixel count increase, it will, apparently, be necessary for Microsoft to debut a slightly altered interface for Windows Phone 8 later this year, which could bring it more in line with the Windows 8 desktop operating system.

Although sales of Windows Phone devices have been growing, it is still a long way behind Android and iOS when it comes to market share, both in the UK and internationally.

At least two updates for Windows Phone 8 are expected to arrive before 2014, which should allow for more powerful, bigger devices running the software to arrive.

You can expect manufacturers, including Nokia and HTC, to roll out big-hitting handsets to support the fresh software, although whether Samsung will continue creating Windows Phone products is another matter.

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