Bigger iPhone 6 screen size rumoured

iphone 6Leaked documents providing even more information on the next-generation iPhone seem to suggest that Apple will be breaking new ground in the screen size department.

MacRumours reports on files acquired in Japan, which suggest that a 5.7 inch iPhone 6 phablet will be hitting shelves later this year, alongside a 4.7 inch model, which is a little more pocket-friendly, but nevertheless, quite a bit bigger than the four inch iPad 5S of the current gen.

The iPhone 6 phablet will not just have a larger screen than its counterpart, but will actually be a fraction thinner, hitting just 6.7mm in depth.

This is especially interesting, given that the recently launched all-new HTC One has been praised by some critics for adopting a premium design, which does not attempt to be as thin as possible. Instead, it is a little thicker, which gives it a reassuring weight when compared with feather light iPhone models.

A big screen iPhone would be a real change in tactics for Apple, enabling it to finally provide an answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note range. But whether fans will be interested in investing, or remain content to opt for a more compact alternative, is another matter.

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