BlackBerry creates browser-based BB 10 experience

Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10

It takes a lot to coax smartphone fans away from their operating system of choice, particularly when the only way for most people to experience something different is to put them in contact with a rival device.

However, BlackBerry may have found a way around this, thanks to the introduction of a new website that lets you find out what its BB 10 operating system is like, through the web browser on an iPhone or Android handset.

Of course, while the experience may be little more than an over the top tour rather than BB 10 in all its glory, it does make it easier to work out what BlackBerry is offering that is different from the competition.

TechRadar reports that the site is not hugely responsive, which might actually put people off BB 10, by misleading them into thinking that this browser-based version is representative of the finished product.

It is also not entirely compatible with Windows Phone devices, so only Android and iPhone users will be able to appreciate it in full.

In spite of these complaints, it is good to see that BlackBerry is trying to actively pursue customers of its rivals.

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