BlackBerry develops software for super secret smartphone

BlackBerry-FoxconA new smartphone produced by Boeing with software from BlackBerry is aiming to be one of the world’s most secure and secretive mobile devices, according to reports from Reuters. It will be so secure, in fact, that it will have a kind of self-destruct function built into it.

The Boeing device, known as the Black, will have two SIM card slots and a host of common smartphone features. It will also encrypt all voice calls and other forms of communication, so that they cannot be hijacked by third parties.

Secure access will be possible thanks to the phone’s ability to interface with a variety of sensors that can assess specific biometric data, which is distinct to an individual user. And it will have the ability to communicate via satellite links, so that it can keep working if standard mobile networks are out of order.

The self destruct feature is digital rather than physical, in as much as the device can work out when it is being compromised and will automatically erase all sensitive data, rather than have it fall into the wrong hands.

Enterprise users will clearly be the target audience for the Boeing Black, but its security features may trickle down to devices for consumers.

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