BlackBerry Leap launched

BlackBerry LeapA new BlackBerry handset has arrived this week, surprising some with its unheralded appearance, as the Canadian manufacturer attempts to appeal to a younger audience.

The smartphone in question is known as the BlackBerry Leap and, although it may have a new name, the device is effectively a rebadged revision of the Z10, which will be sold at a lower price point to court people who are on a budget.

Up front is a 1080p full HD display, measuring five inches across the diagonal, while beneath the skin is a 2800mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and a 1.5GHz processor.

An eight megapixel camera on the back can shoot 1080p video clips and there is a front-facing two megapixel camera, for selfies and video calls.

The durable and classy design of the Leap is apparent on the outside, although it is a little more businesslike than its contemporaries, as BlackBerry is trying to get back to its roots.

The Leap is going on sale for a price equivalent to about £180 in the US, so hopefully, its UK release will come close to matching this, making sure that this is a solid budget option for cash-strapped smartphone buyers.

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