BlackBerry Mercury Will Arrive in February

BlackBerry-FoxconAn official tweet from Canadian mobile maker BlackBerry has seemingly confirmed that its next major handset, known as the Mercury, will touch down on February 25th, according to Tech Radar.

The Mercury, which is made under licence by a third party rather than designed in-house, will still feature all of the security advantages of its forebears, while also sporting a physical QWERTY keypad for fast, accurate typing.

Unlike earlier BlackBerry smartphones, the operating system of choice will be Android, opening it up to a world of apps and services that were never ported to the firm’s proprietary OS.

The February 25th launch date will coincide with the Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona, a fact pointed out by BlackBerry in its own somewhat cryptic announcement. So there is a little under a month to wait for the Mercury’s full unveiling and subsequent release.

While BlackBerry has been able to retain a small foothold in the market, its ability to appeal to mainstream consumers has diminished significantly, meaning that there is no guarantee that this new handset will help it to regain any traction. Nevertheless, the fact that it is being launched at all should indicate that there is still some confidence in its brand.