BlackBerry plans more Android phones

Blackberry Priv VeniceAlthough it was once a powerful part of the smartphone market, BlackBerry has fallen out of favour in recent years, just as Apple and Google have risen to prominence. And while its first Android phone came out last autumn, the Canadian manufacturer now looks set to launch more devices running this platform in the future.

Earlier, BlackBerry handsets were powered by own-brand operating systems, including the most recent version, BB10. But company spokesperson, Damian Tay, explained that Android was likely to be embraced wholeheartedly as his team works to make it more secure, according to an interview he gave to the Economic Times.

That does not mean that BB10 is being resigned from service immediately, but rather that the long term plan is to make all BlackBerry handsets with Android rather than any other OS.

The BlackBerry Priv was the firm’s fledgling Android mobile device and received positive reviews, especially as a result of its privacy-focused software features. And while, for the time being, there are no specific details on any future Android phones from this firm, it does seem that it has entirely given up on the idea of sustaining its own-brand OS going forwards.