BlackBerry Priv will be firm’s first Android device

Blackberry Priv Official
Official BlackBerry Priv shot

Although it was known as the Venice during development, BlackBerry’s official confirmation of its first ever smartphone to run the Android operating system has also shown that this device will be named the Priv.

The name itself is a reference to the fact that the new handset echoes BlackBerry’s long standing ethos of securing user privacy, according to chief exec, John Chen.

The naming strategy has likely been inspired by the need to reassure long time BlackBerry users that even with the switching in OS, this will still be a safe smartphone to use to send and receive sensitive information.

The decision to design a smartphone which focuses on privacy comes at a key time in the development of the market, with more consumers aware of how exposed their data can be if they commit it to a portable device which can be lost, stolen or intercepted by malicious third parties.

With a wealth of high end components under the skin, a slider design which includes a touchscreen and keyboard and full access to the Google Play store for apps and downloads, the BlackBerry Priv is a compelling and crucial addition to this manufacturer’s range.