BlackBerry promises half a decade of mobile devices


Although troubled Canadian smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry, suffered a few serious setbacks this year, (the most recent of this was the announcement of a multi billion dollar loss in the last quarter of 2013) it seems resolute in its quest to remain relevant in the mobile market.

It revealed this week that it will be signing a five year agreement with Chinese device manufacturer, Foxconn, which will result in the creation of fresh phones over this period.

It is worth noting that BlackBerry is looking to focus on emerging markets rather than targeting traditional Western nations, as a result of its precarious position, but anything which allows it to remain in business over the coming years is a positive step.

Other good news for the company is that 40 million people are now confirmed to have downloaded the BBM instant messaging app since it went live on both Android and iOS two months ago.

BBM is a key product for BlackBerry and one which clearly has widespread appeal. As well as offering text-based communications on third party platforms, it is also set to deliver VoIP and, eventually, video calling.

There is no one solution to BlackBerry’s problems, but the fact that it is staying positive in the face of them is reassuring.

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