BlackBerry to make last ditch mobile effort

Blackberry Priv OfficialA trio of new Android powered smartphones form BlackBerry are on the cards, with sources suggesting that they could well be the last devices that the Canadian firm ever produces if they fail to find commercial success.

Last year the BlackBerry Priv was the first of its handsets to run on Google’s mobile OS, but it has since decided to develop a wider range of Android mobile phones, in order to stop its user base from shrinking any further.

Now VentureBeat reports that the three new devices are being developed under the snappy internal names of Neon, Argon and Mercury.

The Neon will be the more affordable of the bunch, bringing a 5.2 inch display and a touchscreen keypad to the table. The Argon will come with a larger 5.5 inch screen and 4G of RAM rather than the Neon’s 3GB.

The Mercury will hark back to earlier BlackBerry smartphones, boasting a physical QWERTY keypad rather than relying on touchscreen interactivity alone.

If these three mobiles are, indeed, the last models that BlackBerry intends to introduce, saving a significant commercial change of fortunes, then it will at least leave the device market on a high.