Budget devices from Wileyfox updated for unadulterated Android access

Wileyfox Swift 2 PlusThe wallet-friendly range of smartphones from emerging mobile maker, Wileyfox, represent great value for money but unlike other bargain basement handsets, they have so far relied upon the Cyanogen operating system to deliver the user experience.

However, with this OS falling by the wayside, the British manufacturer has announced that it is rolling out updates for all its affected mobiles to bring Android 7 Nougat to the table as a replacement.

This over the air update is a hefty 400MB in total, so it is worth downloading over a Wi-Fi connection to avoid eating into any data deal. And Wileyfox has maintained that users will have access to all the same services and features as before, albeit with an unaltered version of Android as the primary platform underpinning the entire experience.

Modes like the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus have received solid reviews from professionals and customers alike, while avoiding high price tags by opting for lower powered components. In spite of this, the design and build quality are both competitive and there is little evidence that these phones are built to a budget, at least when looking at the external elements.