Camera specs of Nokia 9 leak

Nokia 9Nokia may only be back in the smartphone market thanks to licensing its brand to a third party manufacturer, but its new stewards are maintaining some of the Finnish firm’s famous hardware specialism for the upcoming 9 flagship device.

Info gleaned from an updated version of the Nokia 5’s camera app suggests that the high end follow-up handset could feature a dual lens camera which benefits from optical zoom capabilities, according to Phone Arena.

Sources have already claimed that the Nokia 9 will have a 22 megapixel camera resolution, while the latest info also implies that it will be able to shoot wide angle images, which bodes well for photography fans who want to buy into this revived brand.

The Nokia 9 is likely to be announced early next year and will be one of the most important smartphone releases of 2018, sitting as a rival to other upcoming models like the Samsung Galaxy S9. Since it runs Android, it will need to set itself apart from its rivals with impressive hardware features, with the promise of a class-leading camera being one of the best indications that it will be able to live up to expectations.