Charging problems hit Google Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2Although it boasts fast charging capabilities, the flagship Pixel 2 XL from Google is reported to be hindered by a slowdown to this process when temperature levels are low.

Android Police carried out tests following user complaints about sluggish battery charging, with experts finding that the issue arises if the device is in an environment of less than 20 degrees Celsius.

Perhaps surprisingly this seems to be a flaw that only impacts the larger XL model, leaving the standard Pixel 2 free from problems.

In response to these claims, Google said that it is looking into the matter and might well roll out an update that alters the way that information about fast charging is displayed to users.

Normally an on-screen alert reveals when the battery is being charged at the faster rate, but this was occurring even when sub-par wattages were being recorded.

While it is hardly likely to be a deal breaker for fans of the Pixel 2 XL, it is certainly something that will vex those who have invested in the device. And since the temperature issues are especially relevant during the colder months of the year, it is a problem that might stay in the headlines for some time.