Cheapest HTC Desire Deal yet

HTC DesireThe HTC Desire is THE phone of the moment and is sitting at the top of our best selling chart with no other phone seemingly able to get near it anytime soon.

The HTC Desire has single handedly brought Google Android phones into the publics consciousness and with a raft of class leading features as well as Google’s recent release of their free turn by turn sat nav software it is no wonder everyone including the staff here are all making the leap to this phone.

Well now there is really no excuse not to get this phone as we have just added the following deal to the site which gives you this phone for £360 TOTAL contract cost including a great 12 month contract!

  • Vodafone LogoFREE HTC Desire
  • 300 Anytime minutes
  • 3000 Texts
  • Virtually unlimited mobile internet
  • 12 month contract
  • £30 per month after cashback (£40 before)

We would suggest you go for this deal now as we can’t see it lasting long as sim free this phone costs about £390!

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