Compact LG Q8 leaks

Compact LG Q8An unintended data dump from LG’s official site has resulted in details of a new smartphone known as the Q8 being leaked, according to Tech Radar.

The Q8 promises to be smaller than the firm’s flagship V20, while still boasting many of its features. It will be waterproof and dustproof, achieving an IP67 rating, while also featuring a QHD display resolution along with a secondary display dedicated solely to quick interactions.

The screen itself is expected to measure 5.2 inches across the diagonal, while the rear of the phone will sport a pair of camera lenses so that impressive feats of photography are possible.

One of the main obstacles to success for the V20 was its price, which is why the smaller Q8 could have the edge over its phablet sibling. While it has not yet been announced by LG, this upcoming handset promises to be a better prospect for most buyers, shunning niche capabilities in favour of mass appeal.

An older Snapdragon chipset found under the skin should further fuel the argument for the Q8 being pitched at a mid-range price point, meaning it may be a bit cheaper than the likes of the OnePlus 5.