Could next Galaxy Note sport 5.9 inch display?

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3The original Samsung Galaxy Note impressed with its 5.3 inch screen, before being bettered by its 2012 sequel, which packs a 5.5 inch display.

Now sources quoted by the Korea Times allege that this year we will see the first 5.9 inch Galaxy Note smartphone, pushing the boundaries of handset size even further.

We can expect to see the Galaxy Note III touch down in the autumn and it will continue to use the Super AMOLED panel technology of which Samsung and its users are so fond.

Also onboard will be an eight core processor built by the company itself, so this could be the world’s fastest smartphone upon its launch.

One of the reasons for the ever-increasing screen size of the Galaxy Note range is that Samsung’s other flagship Galaxy S family is being endowed with its own gargantuan display this year. The Galaxy S III will reportedly feature a five inch display, bringing it very close to matching the original Galaxy Note.

At this point, it is getting tougher than ever to differentiate the Galaxy Note smartphone from a tablet, but customers are clearly in favour of these screen size increases.

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