Crowd-Funded Phone with High-Capacity Battery Fails to Meet Target

Image credit: TechRadar

Battery manufacturer Energizer was attempting to enter the smartphone market with a device known as the Power Max P18K Pop, promising that this handset would be able to offer world-beating battery life thanks to an enormous 18,000mAh capacity cell fitted within its admittedly chunky chassis.

Unfortunately, the lure of a mobile which could go days or even weeks between recharging was not enough to get prospective customers excited and invest up front via the firm’s official crowd-funding campaign.

Tech Radar reports that donations towards the production of the phone amounted to just one per cent of the total target of £920,000. Customers were asked to commit around £460 for the device itself, meaning just 2000 interested individuals would have to pay up to get the project off the ground.

This catastrophic shortfall is a sign that even a big name brand with a novel concept cannot guarantee success in the world of crowd funding. It is also perhaps an indication that companies are now effectively using these campaigns as a form of market research, testing the waters to see if a concept is popular before pulling the trigger and moving forwards with production.

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