Curved iPhone rumours intensify

iPhone 7 RedApple looks more than likely to introduce an iPhone with a curved display in the near future, with sources quoted by Tech Radar reporting this week that the US firm has signed up to receive 70 million screens of this kind from South Korean rival, Samsung.

Samsung has already perfected the curved screen smartphone, with its Galaxy Edge models introducing the concept to consumers and the new Galaxy S8 going all-in with a display that spills over the edges of the device.

The iPhone 8 looks set to sport a Super AMOLED screen with very similar capabilities, reportedly measuring 5.2 inches across the diagonal. Some earlier murmurings from within the mobile industry had hinted at a bigger screen, but this may suggest that the iPhone 8 Plus will follow suit with its more compact sibling.

Whether or not the iPhone with a curved screen arrives in 2017 is up for debate, as observers argue that this order with Samsung will take a little longer to fulfil. That could mean that 2018 is the intended launch window for the handset which, in turn, implies that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be more familiar in terms of design.