Cut price 4G handset from Vodafone arrives

Vodaphone Smart Prime 6Vodafone is getting in on the act initiated by EE via the introduction of a new 4G capable smartphone, which is intended to be more affordable than most of its contemporaries.

Known as the Smart Prime 6, Vodafone’s oddly titled handset is equipped with a quad core 1.2GHz processor, as well as a five inch touchscreen display that packs a HD resolution and IPS panel technology. A single gigabyte of RAM is onboard, along with 8GB of storage space and the much-needed microSD card slot to allow for expansion.

A camera on the front with a two megapixel resolution will stand in for basic selfie-snapping, while the primary eight megapixel camera will do a decent job of taking still shots and recording video.

This is all fairly impressive on paper, especially since the Smart Prime 6 has 4G connectivity onboard as well. But the biggest selling point is the price, since it will cost just £79 for buyers to snap up this handset on a pay as you go package.

That is £20 less than EE’s equivalent, the Harrier Mini, which means that the bargain basement 4G smartphone market is becoming much more competitive.