Display domination tipped for iPhone 8 in new leaked image

iphone 8 screenAs it is the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone’s arrival in 2017, most people are expecting Apple’s upcoming flagship phone to be somewhat special. A rendering of the device posted by EVLeaks this week suggests that it could live up to the hype, with the front surface of the phone dedicated entirely to a high resolution display.

This not only changes the look of the handset, but also means that the iPhone’s famous Home Button is likely to become extinct when the iPhone 8 launches in a few weeks.

Speculation about where the TouchID fingerprint scanner will be now that the Home Button is gone is rife, with some expecting it will end up on the rear. Facial recognition could even come in to replace it, although no official word on any of the technologies that the phone will feature has been forthcoming.

In terms of screen size, the almost bezel-less design means that the display should measure around 5.8 inches across the diagonal without the dimensions or weight of the iPhone increasing dramatically. If a September launch is confirmed, then it will not be long until all of these questions are answered.