Dual screen phone offers e-ink secondary display

Yota e-ink phone
Yota e-ink phone

A few years ago it was not uncommon to see mobile phones with a clamshell design, that allowed for a primary display to stay tucked away out of sight, while a more basic, secondary screen on the outside would provide info on time, texts and missed calls.

The dawn of smartphones with touch screen displays has largely put paid to this approach, although a new handset from Yota Devices is hoping to reintroduce the dual screen approach.

Android Police reports that the Yota Phone is a well specified device, sporting a 4.3 inch LCD display with a 720p resolution, along with a 1.5GHz dual core processor.

What sets it apart is the fact that its back plate, which would usually feature a blank battery cover, has a second screen of comparable size, but this time running on e-ink technology.

That means that if you want to read an e-book or text-based article, without using up lots of power, you can simply flip the phone over and use this display that will look a lot like the one found on an Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Yota will be giving its unique phone a full public showing during the Consumer Electronics Show next January.

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