Dual screen smartphone rumoured from Samsung

Samsung Flexible PhoneThe fully flexible smartphone which Samsung is rumoured to be developing at the moment may be a year or two from hitting the market, but industry insiders quoted by The Investor suggest that the South Korean manufacturer may have a foldable device in the works, which takes a slightly more traditional approach to this problem.

Rather than fashioning the entire handset from flexible components, Samsung is apparently going to put together a pair of OLED displays and attach them to one another with a hinge in the centre, mirroring the kind of design seen on the Motorola RAZR over a decade ago.

Observers have pointed out that this flip phone-like quality could make the handset more of a retro revival; a throwback to earlier designs which also hints at the possibilities for fully foldable handsets in the future.

Making the leap into true flexibility will require that the entire display is able to be folded and twisted, which means using glass to cover it could ultimately be out of the question. But the promise of a model which will bridge the gap may be enough to keep consumers content until Samsung’s next big breakthrough is made.