Eight megapixel camera rumoured for next iPhone

An 8MP iPhone Camera?

The follow-up to the iPhone 4 could have an even better camera built into it, at least according to the rumours which have been stirred up by Sony chief executive, Sir Howard Stringer, who said that Apple was a major customer for the firm’s eight megapixel sensors.

Sir Howard allegedly said that both the iPad and iPhone use Sony’s range-topping camera sensors, which is noteworthy for the simple fact that no Apple product to date has actually made use of technology from this particular Japanese tech giant.

According to 9to5Mac, it is likely that the iPhone 5 may well sport an eight megapixel camera, outdoing the current five megapixel unit of the iPhone 4.

iPad fans will also be happy to hear about the apparent deal, since the second iteration of Apple’s tablet has been somewhat lacking when it comes to camera specs.

The other issue raised by Sony’s apparent involvement in the iPhone 5 is that damage to its production facilities in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami, could well push back the launch of the phone as life gets back to normal and sensor manufacturing is brought back up to speed.

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