Encryption makes Nexus 6 slower than expected

Nexus 6 black
The Google Nexus 6 black

By default, when you first start using the Google Nexus 6 it is set to automatically encrypt all data that is stored on its memory, which is a process that taxes the hardware components and actually makes it perform up to 80 per cent slower than last year’s Nexus 5, according to AnandTech.

The encryption means that the information kept on the new flagship phone from Google is more secure than ever, providing protection from malicious third parties, as long as the user has activated a lock screen passcode.

But it does mean that those who upgrade from the older model may be disappointed because of how long it takes to load apps and perform other tasks.

Of course, disabling automatic encryption will help to restore serious speed to the Nexus 6, but could arguably make it less secure. It is something that owners will have to weigh up when they get their new phone out of its box for the first time, because while an extra layer of digital protection might be nice, most people will surely prefer their high end handset to feel as fast, functional and fluid as possible.

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