Evidence of PlayStation phone mounts

PSP PhoneNew information on the specs and key features of the rumoured PlayStation phone have hit the online rumour mill, complete with some additional images of the device.

The first murmurings about the development of a PlayStation branded phone from Sony Ericsson began three years ago, but things came to a head last week, when spy shots of the prototype came to light.

Codenamed Zeus and with Android 2.2 onboard, the PlayStation phone sounds to be a modern device, although version 3.0 of Android is likely to ship with it when it launches, according to Engadget.

Onboard storage space will be small, but adding in up to 32GB more will be possible via a microSD memory card slot. The inclusion of a slider mechanism to house physical control buttons and a touch pad, mean that the PlayStation phone could be 1.7 centimetres thick, which is pretty hefty by modern standards.

Fans will have realised that the PlayStation Phone shares a similar style to the PSP Go and it is believed that the size will be almost identical.

Sony’s Masaru Kato spoke cagily about the future of handheld gaming in the mobile market, according to the Telegraph, saying that both his firm and Nintendo would be looking to capitalise on the shift in consumer interest.

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