Facebook achieves mobile growth


Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking service, Facebook, may be falling out of favour with younger audiences, as parents and grandparents flock to the site, but it seems that there is still plenty of room for its user base to grow, based on the latest figures revealed to its investors.

Facebook made  937 million in revenue over the first quarter of 2013 and its active user numbers increased by a quarter to 665 million.

However, the mobile usage of the site was even stronger, with 751 million people choosing to access it through apps and browsers on their smartphones, which is a yearly increase of 51 per cent.

The number of monthly active users on Facebook is not only a good indication of how the service is fairing, but how many people own smartphones, full stop.

Most modern devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4, have built in social networking features that allow people to get notifications and updates from Facebook and other platforms, direct to their handset.

This type of technology keeps people engaged and probably accounts for the fact that Facebook’s mobile user base has grown so significantly and persistently in the past 12 months.

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