Facebook phone expected for launch this week

htc myst
HTC Myst

A smartphone built by HTC and equipped with a custom version of Android, designed to give unfettered access to Facebook, could be making its debut this week, according to various leaks reported by TechRadar.

It is thought that Facebook will be responsible for the launch of the device, which is being referred to as the HTC Myst in pre-release speculation.

This handset will not be the most technically advanced model available, but with Facebook’s billion-strong user base, it will need to appeal to a broad audience through an affordable price point.

It is thought that the Myst will have a 4.3 inch display with a 720p HD resolution. A dual core processor and 1GB of RAM will run Android Jelly Bean at a decent lick and presumably feature the most comprehensive mobile Facebook experience currently available.

While Facebook launching a phone sounds like a natural progression for Mark Zuckerberg’s company, it does not seem entirely necessary, given that most modern handsets do a decent job of integrating access to the site’s services, without official affiliation.

Hopefully, all will be revealed at an event this Thursday, held at the Facebook headquarters over the in the US.

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