Fans of Nokia 3310 register huge interest in revamped device

Last month Nokia confirmed that it was returning to the mobile market, along with a modern iteration of its classic 3310 handset. Now reports from various retailers in the UK have shown that there is plenty of demand for this retro-inspired device, according to Tech Radar.

Carphone Warehouse spokesperson, Andrew Wilson, said that the 3310 was generating much more interest than any other flagship device that has been unveiled during the Mobile World Congress industry event in the past.

Of course, this may come down to the fact that the new 3310 will be sold at a fraction of the cost of high end launches from the likes of LG and Sony. And the initial buzz surrounding this phone may be due to a mix of nostalgia and novelty, so it might not translate into long term success.

Observers have also pointed out that the 3310 may be problematic because of its lack of compatibility with networking standards outside of Europe, making it better suited to people who are planning to stay within the continental bounds of the EU. But with roaming charges soon set to be ditched altogether, this could be the perfect holidaymaker’s companion.