Fast charging system rumoured for iPhone 7

Apple iPhone SEWhile the iPhone 7 may not be the boundary-pushing device that some Apple fans had hoped to see, it does look like its list of new features will be fairly long, with sources in China now claiming that a quicker battery charging process will be available, according to Tech Radar.

This will allow the handset to keep pace with the faster recharge capabilities of rivals like Samsung’s Galaxy S7. It is also expected that the next iPhone will have a bigger battery than its predecessors, theoretically enhancing its lifespan from a single charge and making it less of a drag to take out and about.

Of course, it is also worth noting that Apple is often fairly secretive about the hardware specs of its new devices even after they have been launched, so official stats on the battery tech may never be forthcoming. This is a company that prefers to focus on user-friendliness and features, rather than on a raw hardware arms race.

When the iPhone 7 touches down on the 7th of September, the eyes of the world will once again be on Apple, as it attempts to revive interest in its flagship range after sales slipped in the first half of 2016.