Firm launch date provided for BB 10

BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry 10 operating system, along with the first devices that will support it, is going to be touching down in the UK on January 30th next year.

Manufacturer, RIM, had put an early 2013 launch window in place after it was delayed from its late 2012 initial release, but hopefully, this concrete date will be a solid indication of when you can buy a brand new BlackBerry.

RIM has a lot to prove with BB 10, not only because it has been struggling financially in recent years, as rivals have capitalised on its inability to offer a contemporarily competitive smartphone operating system.

While analysts have been somewhat dismissive of its chances, early critical responses to the BB 10 platform were positive and, if RIM can get handsets on the market in good time, then it might stand a chance of reversing its flagging fortunes.

There will be a touch-only BlackBerry device launching with BB 10, as well as a more traditional BlackBerry phone with a physical QWERTY keypad, so customers old and new will find something to suit their tastes. As long as the price is right, RIM’s new phones could be hot properties next year.

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