First 5G Smartphone Launched

moto z3
moto z3

With the arrival of 5G networking in certain US cities this month, it is no surprise to see that this rollout has coincided with the introduction of a mobile handset that is capable of taking advantage of this faster connectivity solution.

The device in question is the Motorola Z3, which interestingly enough does not natively support 5G but is endowed with this capability via a modular add-on.

Reports from Tech Radar suggest that the real-world download speeds which the handset could achieve were very variable, largely as a result of geographic location and some early teething issues.

Accessing the network was possible at anywhere up to 400Mbps, although the difference between the speed test results and the actual performance when downloading large files or streaming high-quality videos was significantly below this.

It seems that this early version of 5G, in combination with a smartphone that has been adapted to offer compatibility rather than built from the ground up to support it, is far from perfect. However, it is interesting to note that America has been the first country to receive it, with Motorola’s introductory device effort showing that there is significant potential in this fledgling technology.

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