First details of Huawei P10 emerge

HTC P10Huawei has moved from little known budget brand to mainstream success in the course of the past few years, with its flagship P series devices helping to prove that top tier specifications do not have to come with a daunting price tag.

In 2017, the P10 is set to arrive from this Chinese firm, with the latest reports suggesting it will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress event next month, according to Tech Radar.

Rumours surrounding the phone indicate that it will come with a curved display, following in the footsteps of the successful Galaxy Edge range from Samsung. It will also sport a fingerprint scanner mounted on the front.

The display may be 5.5 inches in size, a healthy increase over the 5.2 inch panel of the outgoing P9. And with a QHD resolution, it will also have a higher pixel count to make the most of this extra space.

With metal body, dual camera lenses on the rear and the possibility of wireless charging, the P10 will be every bit as technically impressive as its rivals set to arrive this year, but should also come in at a lower price point to drive home Huawei’s ethos of affordability.