Flexible Galaxy Note Still on the Cards

Samsung Flexible PhoneSamsung could release the world’s first truly bendable smartphone within the next 12 months, according to coverage from the Associated Press.

The Galaxy Note range will reportedly be the first of the South Korean manufacturer’s devices to embrace flexibility, although Samsung spokesperson Dongjin Koh admitted this week that there were still a few issues to be ironed out before such a handset could become a reality.

Samsung has already previewed flexible display tech, which could in theory make it possible to fold and unfold mobile phones in the future. If it can get such a device to market before 2018 draws to a close then it will undoubtedly have managed to beat its rivals to the punch.

The first bendable organic LED screen surfaced five years ago, resulting in repeated rumours that a flexible phone was on the way. But to date, this is the first mention that Samsung has made of definite plans for a handset with this feature front and centre.

Some experts believe that the true application for foldable displays will be for wearable gadgets, including smart watches and ultimately clothing. But a Galaxy Note smartphone that can be made more compact in a matter of seconds definitely sounds appealing.

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