Flexible phones from Apple rumoured

Image via omnifeed.comAfter the ruckus caused by the iPhone 6 Plus and its frame that can be bent out of shape with relative ease, it seems that the Californian mobile maker is looking into the idea of making a device that is deliberately flexible in the future, according to Apple Insider.

This news comes from a patent that Apple filed back in 2011, which has only just been approved, to cover the idea of creating a handset which is flexible in such a way that does not damage the internal components.

Flexible phones are already a reality, with the LG G Flex 2 impressing crowds at CES 2015 this week. But Apple’s intentions could have even wider reaching consequences for the market, especially if it decides to make one of its future iPhone models fit this malleable mould.

As well as simply being more durable, the flexible device designs proposed in the Apple patent suggest that the user interface could be engaged with via squeezing and manipulating the shape of the device. On the most basic level, this would allow for it to be turned on or off without the use of physical buttons, which would clearly be cause for major design alterations.

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