Flexible Samsung smartphone less than a month away from announcement

Samsung Flexible Phone
Samsung Flexible Phone

Samsung could be on the verge of pulling back the curtains on the Galaxy X, the world’s first truly flexible smartphone.

This news comes after the manufacturer posted a promotional tweet ahead of its official developer conference, scheduled to take place in November. It included an embedded video which many interpreted as being representative of its bendable mobile technology.

While the news of the Galaxy X’s arrival will be intriguing for millions of mobile fans worldwide, the price of the device could be a major roadblock to its mainstream success. Tech Radar reports that it might cost as much as £1,375 and thus easily eclipse the iPhone X range in terms of expense.

The ability to bend and flex when put under pressure, perhaps even reconfiguring into an entirely different shape as required, will perhaps be enough to justify this pricing. Samsung will also need to convince consumers that the Galaxy X is not just a gimmicky handset, but one which could have real applications in daily life.

With rival manufacturers like Huawei also prepping their own flexible phones, the sooner Samsung can announce the Galaxy X, the better its chances of success

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