Flexible smartphone from LG on the way

Samsung is not the only mobile maker to have its sights set on launching a phone that can be folded and flexed without breaking. Now LG looks ready to enter the fray, filing a patent for a foldable phone screen which surely indicates its intentions in this fledgling hardware market.

The patent, which was dug out by LetsGoDigital, includes images of a phone which is not flexible in its entirety, but rather has a hinged mid-section which allows the top half of the display to fold inwards a little.

This design harks back to the age of clamshell phones, so it is expected that the as yet unnamed device will indeed be capable of folding completely in half, rather than offering just a small degree of flexibility.

Samsung’s Galaxy X could well be the first fold-friendly phone to hit the market, so long as the South Korean firm can perfect the technology behind it. But with LG now racing to match it, and other companies like Huawei also in the running according to rumours, the competition is quickly intensifying and there is no clear way of working out whether these designs will even have mainstream appeal.