Flexible smartphone from Samsung could get 2017 release

Samsung Flexible PhoneSamsung has been at the forefront of display technology for some time, introducing boundary-pushing models like the Galaxy Edge, which feature curved screens. And now industry sources believe that the South Korean manufacturer could be gearing up to introduce its first truly flexible handset next year, according to SamMobile.

The ability to actively bend and even completely fold a phone is something that Samsung and others have been working towards in recent years, not only because this will make devices far more durable but also because it will introduce new ways to interact with software.

Leaks suggest that the first foldable Samsung phone will go by the name of the Galaxy X and will be capable not just of responding to mild physical manipulation, but of completely folding in on itself.

Samsung’s domestic rival LG has introduced pseudo-flexible phones already, with the G Flex range showing that the technology is already in place to make this a possibility. But the Galaxy X sounds all the more ambitious.

While it is unlikely that the next flagship Galaxy S handset ends up emerging as the Galaxy X, it could be that Samsung enters this new niche with a stand-alone phone in 2017.