Flip phones gain market share in Japan

Although smartphones with slatMotorola Razre-like bodies have become the norm in the UK, it looks like over in Japan, the traditional flip phone is taking back some of the market, according to PhoneArena.

Last year, 10.6 million flip phones were sold in Japan, a 5.7 per cent annual rise. And the figures also show that dedicated smartphone sales were actually down in this Mecca of technology.

Analysts suggest that the trend for flip phone ownership may have something to do with the fact that wireless data access is actually relatively expensive in Japan. Meanwhile in the UK, where it is very cheap to access the internet while on the move, the smartphone is reigning supreme.

There are flip phones which double up as smartphones and perhaps this form factor will enjoy a resurgence outside of Japan in 2015.

Models like the Motorola RAZR defined the mobile market around a decade ago, making it clear that thin and light handsets were the future. Today, most smartphones have screens measuring over four inches across the diameter and the design parameters are very different, but trends can change and perhaps the flip phone is about to make a comeback.

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